Another Saturday, another Freckles day out at the park. She’s just off antibiotics from her last visit two weeks ago.

We get there and see the strangest sight. Nine Anatolian Shepherds in addition to a Great Pyrenees and a Lab. Big dog day at the park. Another Spaniel came in at the same time as Freckles so he split the attention of the herd. All the Anatolian Shepherds were thrilled with the new “little dogs.” It was all “Look at the little dogs! Hi, little dog!” as they swarmed the poor spaniels.

In case you aren’t sure what they are here’s a photo stolen off the web.


Yep, they are big enough to play with cheetahs. They are big enough for Freckles to walk under their bellies without ducking. Luckily, they are gentle and didn’t have the big dog trait of putting their paws on top of Freckles’ head. She hates that.

It was a family reunion of a litter of pups. Freckles decided to stay on the far side of the park where she could run without attracting too much attention. But soon it was time to go and we had to run the gauntlet to get to the gate. A lady was sitting on a bench and Freckles decided that she should protect Freckles from the nosy big dogs so Freckles jumped in a total strangers’ lap for a cuddle. Freckles is cute so this works for her and then she was able to get the rest of the way out of the park with all the rest of the dogs saying, “Where you going, little dog?”

If they think 40 lb Freckles is little what would they have thought of 6 lb Snowball?