We did #6 on my 101 things in 1001 days list last night. We went to a locally produced play. Actually it was a local dinner theater. The play was laugh out loud funny and the food was very good. They had three food options and the vegetarian option gave you by far the most food. Everyone at my table was quite envious of the pile of food set in front of me. Yes, I paid less than everyone else and I ate more. Yet one more benefit of vegetarianism!

When reviewing the list I realized that last week I also did #32 Plant a Tree. A person I work with was given a pine seedling but she didn’t have room for it so she gave it to me. She made me promise not to let the deer eat it. I didn’t think that would be hard because deer pass through here but don’t seem to stay. The day after I got the tree I had a buck standing in my back yard. He left and I went out to plant the tree. Of the three blue spruce I planted last year, two have been eaten. The other is growing nicely because it was planted near some debris we can’t mow close to so I don’t think the deer noticed it was there because of the weeds. Also one of my apple trees is about half its former height. I don’t know that that buck was to blame but since he is the only deer I’ve ever seen here I’m holding him responsible. I planted the seedling and wished it luck. I haven’t had the heart to go back and see if it is ok.