The SO and I are playing hooky today.  There was supposed to be a big storm last night.  We didn’t get much snow but the roads were pure ice this morning.  He called off and told me that he was going to tie me to a chair if I didn’t call off too.  I ended up calling the office manager and she said that she couldn’t make it in so we made the executive decision that we weren’t coming.  She was going to call the boss and tell him.

Now it is starting to snow.  We are having huge flakes that are accumulating quickly.  Snowball took one look outside the door and turned right back and tried to avoid going outside.  She got herself picked up and thrown out to go to the bathroom whether she liked it or not.

We went back to bed for a while.  He’s still asleep since he got up at 4:30 to start checking conditions.  I think we’re going to have a lazy day of lying around, watching movies, reading, and working on the office manager’s mother’s quilt (It was a condition of getting the day off.  LOL).