Hooky day was fun! We laid around and watched DVDs. Then we both worked out. I did 20 minutes on the treadmill and that made me feel virtuous. Then I decided to download some dance workouts. I stumbled across nextfitness.com. This is a service that takes music from your computer and overlays a personal trainer’s voice guiding you through a workout.
This is a paid service but it has a 10 day free trial. You put in your height, weight, goals, time you are wanting to workout, and type of workout desired. My goal was to tone and lose more than 20 lbs while walking for 30 minutes or less.

I tried the workout last night. My trainer is a sadistic ?!”:! I think that’s what I need though. I worked out harder than I’d ever push myself. It was an interval workout ranging from 2 mph at 12% incline to 4.5 mph on the flat. (BTW, in whose universe is 4.5 mph walking?) In 30 minutes I only went 1.8 miles but it was a HARD 1.8.

I downloaded a mat pilates workout too but I haven’t had a chance to try it yet. Everyday there is a new workout available from each trainer you are downloading workouts from to give you variety.

I’m going to do this for my free 10 days. If I’m sticking with it I may sign up. I need a mean person yelling at me in a different way every day!