I went to the water park on the resort property. It was just a little park with a kids’ area, a big lazy river, and one small slide but it was fun. There was food and drinks and the opportunity to engage in some photosynthesis that northerners like me have been sorely lacking.

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I felt a little bad about reading a book about human rights abuses in Tibet by the pool in a resort. But when I walked in the first book I saw someone reading was KITE RUNNER, which is about genocide and rape of boys in Taliban Afghanistan. The lightest thing I saw anyone reading was Jodi Picoult’s NINETEEN MINUTES, which is about the motivation for a school shooting. Whatever happened to light and fluffy books for poolside reading? The drink is Monkey Bars, which is banana icecream blended with chocolate sauce. Yes, I started drinking off the kids’ menu. Later I moved onto the gator colada which is pina colada mixed with midori. I don’t know what midori is but it makes it bright green.

The water was freezing.  I got in on a tube and it immediately took me under a waterfall and then I was fine.  Later these four guys set up their stuff by me.  Two were big muscley tough guys.  I figured this would be good.  The manliest one walked over and stuck a toe in.  Then he screamed in a manner that would have embarrassed a little girl.  His friends made fun until they touched the water.  They were huddled on the side trying to figure out what to do.  I think the two little girls who swam past at that point gave them some courage.  One guy grabbed a tube and jumped in.  The tube flipped out from under him and he went under. They all cringed but when he came up he told them that he was ok now and they just needed to get under and it was magically fine after that.   I don’t know how it happens but it worked for everyone.

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There was a group interviewing people as they went past on the lazy river. They were from Ohio too. They asked me if I didn’t just love this weather. I told them that crazy people from here kept trying to get us to put on coats. They joined in mocking the crazy people with me until I drifted out of sight.


My stripper nails. Gee, I don’t know why the SO thinks might be giving off any impression of white trashness with these…