The husband had a pool tournament this weekend. I went Friday night after hiking but I was late and he played first so I missed him. So of course he won.

They played again on Saturday at 1:00. They play in a big bingo hall converted for the weekend to a pool hall. It is awful. You can actually see the air. Your eyes burn from all the smoke. Even the smokers’ eyes burn from the smoke. The husband lost his match and his team lost. So they played right away again at 5:00 pm. They lost that too. But they lost fairly fast so we could go home. My eyes are just starting to recover.

They have another tournament there in two weeks. I really have to remember to bring eye drops. I’ll be the most popular person in the place if I have some. They announced that next year the tournaments are going to move. I think that they are moving into the city instead of being in a suburb. That would be awesome! Why? Because the city is non-smoking. I won’t have to risk my life to watch him play anymore.