I think I’ve gone wrong in the parenting of the female members of my family. The other day Powder went outside and was gone until really late. When she finally showed up she was missing her collar and tags. Yes, she came back after curfew and stark nekkid!

She’s not the only one. Snowball once went under the table at Thanksgiving and shed her festive bandana. I was mocked for not being able to keep clothes on my kids.

Prize is the champion of nakedness. That horse will lose anything that is left on her head when she is turned out in a pasture. Numerous halters and fly masks have never been seen again. She doesn’t just shed them. She must send them into alternate dimensions.

So I have to go buy Powder a new collar and tags tomorrow. At least I know that breakaway collars work but she could have had the decency to bring it back with her. But she hasn’t shown inclination to roam since her incident. Maybe it shook some sense into her.