I want to update this site. I’d like to move to the latest version of wordpress and to get a new page design. But, everytime I’ve done a major update something has gone horribly wrong. The version of wordpress I use now doesn’t work right and I’ve never been able to fix it. Whenever I’ve done work before I end up with the site down for days while I invent new swear words to hurl at the person helping me. Since I’m no longer married to my former helper (hum, coincidence?) I decided that I want to hire someone to do this stressful job for me.

Does anyone know of anyone who does this? HelpForTheClueless dot com or something similar? Or do you have some trustworthy computer genius living in your house that wants to make some extra cash?

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  1. Have you thought about just switching to ‘blogger’. It’s so easy and I think you might be able to transfer some of your current widgets/links to it. Worth checking into! Good luck! Enjoy reading your posts!
    p.s. Our little girl keeps her clothes on but isn’t always happy about it! She’s also a therapy dog so it makes the patients and kids laugh!

  2. Do you have any significant customizations to your install? Out of the box install should be no problem. Where you run into issues is with your theme and any widgets that you’re using, or any customizations that you’ve made.

    Check with your theme provider to see if they have updated their theme to 2.7 and also check your widgets to see if they have updates to be compatible with 2.7. If you don’t have other customizations, that should take care of any issues you have.

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