It is a dank and rainy morning here. Great for laying in bed and reading a book. Powder was having a good time playing though. She was in and out of the bedroom and had settled in the living room when I heard the husband call, “Is that a real mouse that Powder is playing with?”

Since the only toy mice around here have drug names stamped prominently on their sides, I figured if he was questioning it then it was probably real. So I had to get up and heap huge amounts of praise on the cat for catching the mouse from the basement. Then I had to get the not-quite-dead-yet-‘cuz-what-fun-is-that-?-mouse outside to be finished off at her leisure.

That put the husband in mind that everyone who lives here should earn their keep. He told the dog that he would be posting a list on the fridge of the chores that he would be assigning. She started to shake so he reassured her that I would be given the majority of the tasks so the husband and the dog would be able to eat treats and watch tv. Funny, that sounds just like the arrangement now…

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