I had been following Nio’s debate about pregnancy today so when I saw a news story about the possibility of letting pregnant women park in handicapped spaces it caught my eye.

I am against this idea because even as anti-pregnancy as I am I don’t think that pregnancy should be treated as a disease. It is a totally natural process – not a disability. Therefore, I don’t think it follows that they should be allowed to park in handicapped spots.

While looking around for a link to the story I found this site. I may need to revise my description of myself as an anti-pregnancy person. These people are viscious! Even on my nastiest day I’m not that vitriolic. Some of the comments did make me laugh though.

2 Replies to “Pregnancy parking spaces”

  1. Wow,… It never occurred to me that so many people could be so amazingly angry over having to share. I guess they hated being kids so much that they not only don’t want to have their own, but they really really resent having to share the planet with them as well.
    The parking space thing is amazing… pink spots don’t take away from handicapped spots, and are really necessary– since, as most of you have now READ, not one of those clods is going to assist the pregnant lady with the toddler who can barely walk during those last 3 months, the least they can do is not begrudge her a space near the door of the mall to get the baby room supplies she is obviously going to need…
    oh, I forgot- these folks could begrudge having to share their DNA with their siblings…

    it takes all kinds I guess- I am just glad I don’t have to put up with them. I do have to laugh at their idiocy however. They would be mightily pissed off if they reached their 60’s and found out they couldn’t get health care because there weren’t enough children born to go to college and be their doctors- or their lawyers, their police, their warriors overseas, and their employees…. it’s the ultimate form of selfishness- being so sniggardly that the center collapses for lack of forethought.
    I certaintly hope some of those happily single people get CLUE and learn to live with others on the planet. If not, They are free to move someplace miserable and childless. I suggest the Mojave desert.

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