Prize’s New Shoes

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By Thursday night (2 days ago) Prize’s left foot felt better but she wasn’t able to use her right foot well at all. She was almost three legged. It was very sad. She was angry about being inside but couldn’t move very well at all. I called a farrier friend of mine to see what the latest and greatest founder treatments were since I don’t do horses most of the time.

She recommended a special kind of boot to pad her feet. I ordered them yesterday and got them today. Of course when I got to the barn she was feeling better than ever. I accused her of feeling better as soon as the boot supplier swiped my credit card! But the barn owner said that she had been pretty sore this morning before her banamine.

She was a very good sport about putting on her boots. I expected her to have a fit so I had in her the arena. They are padded enough that she is about an inch taller.


She walked off sound immediately. The barn owner and I watched her for a while. Then he noted that the boots were going to fall off. I said that I hadn’t velcroed them on very tightly. It took us a bit to realize what we were seeing. She was trotting. Two days ago she couldn’t walk and now she was sound at the trot. Pretty cool. Of course, we’ll need to she how she does when she isn’t high on pain meds.

They aren’t very pretty. Everyone keeps commenting on that. I threatened to get pink glitter pen and decorate them in a pretty princess style.