This is part of my A to Z challenge for April

One of the best things to keep in mind when trying to make big changes in your life is “Progress, not Perfection.” It can stop you from getting discouraged when you inevitably mess up. Any little bit you do in moving towards your goal is good.

There can be a lot of in group fighting when the members feel like it is them against the world. People who are vegan for animal rights reasons can get really frustrated with people who are in it for health reasons. I’ve seen people yell when others ask health-based questions because they feel that it is immoral to be vegan for your own health instead of being vegan to help animals. I don’t care why someone changes. The end result is the same. Those kinds of comments just drive people away.

People who are all in can get obnoxious with their telling people to switch their diets. I figure any move towards eating more plants is good. Adding a side of a vegetable tray to your Taco Bell lunch (actual thing that happened in my office this week)? Better than no veggies. One meat-free meal a week? It helps your health, the animals, and the planet.

Don’t let the quest for perfection drive yourself or others away.