This is part of my A to Z Challenge for April

As much as I love to read cookbooks, I probably use recipe websites more. Here are the ones that I’m using most now.

Forks Over Knives

This is the one that I refer beginners to. It has healthy and simple recipes that are accessible for most people.

From My Bowl

She has a section called Dump & Bake. I make something from here about once a week. You boil your liquids and then pour it over a mix of rice and vegetables and bake. Super easy and totally delicious.

My favorites are the Buffalo Chickpea, the Mushroom Stroganoff, and the Stuffed Pepper Casseroles.

Chocolate Covered Katie

This is a good one especially if you are looking for desserts.

The Casserole List

I have this one post bookmarked because it has a lot of really good recipes on it. The Baked Ziti recipe is asked for over and over by the husband.

Other than those, I generally am a Google queen. Anything you want to eat, you can generally find a vegan version of.