We’ve started a new tradition here. UFO meetings.

All of the kids in my 4-H club but 2 grew up and graduated from 4-H this year. The other advisor and one parent and I were going to miss each other so we decided to have a quilt group. We are going to work on our UnFinished Objects (UFOs).

Today was our first one. I finished my bargello quilt. All I had left to do was bind it but I just hadn’t gotten around to it. Here’s the picture of the top again.


We are going to meet again in two weeks. This will keep us working on stuff.

4 Replies to “Quilt Day”

  1. You have so many different things going on I’m impressed how many things you do complete. I am just now finishing a quilt I started five years ago! My goal for myself this year has been to finish all the craft projects I’ve started. I’m going to have to hurry to finish them.

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