WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

My quilting this week involves binding. Lots of binding. We have a Quilts of Valor presentation this weekend and we are putting finishing touches on quilts. We had a sewing day this weekend to get a lot done. My machine quits after sewing for 4 hours. I’m not sure why. I’ll be sewing along and all of a sudden the tension goes totally loose. I haven’t changed anything and there is no fixing it. You have to shut down the machine and start again tomorrow. This isn’t a fancy machine with lots of computers to get confused either. It is just tempermental.

I think this is the scariest thing we do as quilters, especially with these red, white, and blue quilts. This one turned out ok.

The Navy anchor quilt is on its second go round in the dryer. Then I just have to do a final go over for threads.

I have 1 and a half more bindings to put on.

I picked up my hand sewing again after a few weeks off.

I have 3 more seams to sew and I have the first two rows together.

I met an amazing lady this week. This is Ruth.

Ruth is 94 years old. She’s made over 500 quilts in her life. She has Parkinson’s Disease and is prone to falling. She figured that if she had to sit a lot then she might as well sit at her sewing machine. She heard about Quilts of Valor last year and made 12 tops for a local event. Since then she’s kept sewing. She gave me 35 tops that she’s made since January.

Here’s a sample of what she made.