Ok, I need advice from those of you used to quilting around kids. Z is fascinated and wants to help. Since she’s five she is both supremely unhelpful and not physically able to do a lot to help. I don’t want to discourage her because I want her to enjoy crafty stuff and because our relationship is an on again – off again thing. She can’t decide if she should hate me or adore me and so she jumps back and forth. If she wants to sew with me then it means she isn’t biting me. LOL

Here’s stuff we’ve tried:

1. Having other crafts she can do in the room where I’m sewing.

2. Letting her pick which fabrics I use. I’m working on a scrappy mini trip around the world and I’ve let her chose fabrics from the stack I’ve precut.

But this doesn’t always cut it for her. Either she doesn’t think she’s helping enough or I’m working on a different project with the fabrics already decided. Then she wants to play with pins or other unsuitable activities. Does anyone have other suggestions for when I want to quilt something that doesn’t need help?