• People smooshing people’s names together to show that they are a couple.  Just stop.

“A portmanteau or portmanteau word, also called a blend in linguistics,[1] is a combination of taking parts (but not all) of two (or more) words or their sounds (morphemes) and their meanings into a single new word.” 

Thank you Wikipedia for the language lesson but I still don’t like it.

  • Adding -gate to the end of a word to signify a scandal.  Also just stop.

“I see a lot of times when something is a politically-oriented scandal that the suffix ‑gate is added to the end of the word the scandal revolves around.

Examples include:

Learn your history so you don’t end up sounding stupid on the internet.

  • Blogspot comment boxes that don’t have a option for Name/URL and require to have a Google account to leave a comment.  Add extra annoyance points if using your AIM account is an option but URL isn’t.  Does anyone still have an AIM account?
  • Ads that come up on the bottom of the page I’m trying to read and cover most of the page
  • Floating social media icons on the left side of a blog post that cover whatever you are trying to read so you can only read the two lines on the very top of the page
  • Posts that are slideshows and videos that don’t give you a transcript option.  Videos take too long.  Let me read your information.
  • Posts about how seeing other people’s good news on social media is depressing.  Really?  What’s wrong with people? It isn’t a zero sum game.  Other people’s happiness doesn’t need to depress yours.


  • Same thing to the people in an article I read about how people who make fancy lunches for their kids are just show offs who want other parents to feel bad. Um, maybe they just like to cook and want their kids to eat healthy.  Not everything is about you, other people!
  • This ad.

    It is for an app version of our lab website so we can check lab results on our days off while hiking. At least the dog is enjoying the view.  Screw work-life balance!

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