I’ve been reading and doing stuff.  Honestly.  What I haven’t been doing is writing.  Since I don’t seem to have enough info for a full post about anything in particular here is a list of random stuff that’s been going on around here.

  • I’ve been reading a huge amount of Julia Quinn’s backlist.  I’ve finished a few of her series but I haven’t even started her big series that has about 18 books in it. Maybe that’s why I’m not writing reviews.  “Yep, that there was another Julia Quinn book….. stay tuned for the next one….”
  • I have fancy finger nails.  I always have pedicures but don’t do my fingers because nail polish doesn’t survive in vet clinics.  There is way too much hand washing.  My sister-in-law started selling ColorStreet.   They are sort of like nail polish made into a sticker.  (I’m sure that’s not the official explanation.)  They stay on for a least a week on me.  It is a miracle.



I have watermelon right now but I think my favorites are the glittery ones. Here’s a link to her page if you want some.

  • My mom and I are starting a run of musical watching. I bought her some tickets to touring companies for Christmas.  We just went to see Dear Evan Hansen. (Note my glitter nails.  We were going to the theater after all.)


Next up is Come From Away, about the town in Canada that hosted all the people whose planes were grounded on 9/11.  I have a book about that.  I should read that before I go see the play.  Those two were her Christmas presents.  We just added in tickets to The Book of Mormon in September.  

  • I’m going on vacation!  Not any time soon though.  We booked another Viking river cruise for next fall.  We’ll be starting in Germany and cruising the Danube to Budapest.  We may add on a few days in Prague before the start of the cruise.  
  • My poor garden is floundering.  It has rained everyday here for weeks.  Everything is stunted and sad.  I pulled off the mulch to try to get the soil to dry out.  Now we’ve had a few days of no rain and my tomato plants are trying to grow.  They are sad little things with about 6 leaves and 2 tomatoes on them.  I may pull the tomatoes that are starting to try to save the plants’ energy to put towards growth.  
  • I’m playing the Wizards Unite game.  My friend code is 9673 0870 8286 if you are playing too. 
  • I’m making two baby quilts.  One is bigfoot and one is flamingos.  I’ve been wanting to make the flamingo quilt and I’m using my neighbors having a baby as an excuse.  They have plastic flamingos in the yard.  I’ve never met these people but my husband talks to them a lot.  I need to get moving though.  I just had this idea and the baby is due in a few weeks.  The background fabric just showed up so I can get started. 


I think that’s about it for now.  What are you all up to?