Less than a week away from the start of my competitive trail ride and I am a stark raving lunatic. I’m worried primarily about the trail being marked ok and people not getting lost. I can’t really concentrate on other issues very well. The husband has started talking very slowly and deliberately to me whenever he needs to communicate. Sometimes I can even process his requests, but not always. I do feel sorry for him. He tried to kiss me the other day and I stopped mid-kiss to ask him a question about trail mileage. He has tried to suggest that perhaps I am taking this a bit seriously. That started me on a rant about how I have people coming all the way from Alabama, “Alabama! Do you understand this responsibility? He’s driving from Alabama. I can not screw this up!” etc., etc. I’ve taken to patting him on the arm and saying, “Honey, can we talk next week and forget about this week?”

Lucky for me he is actually excited about this too. He keeps referring to it as “when we go camping” which just shows that he is not having appropriate levels of stress in my opinion.

We were watching Celebrity Fit Club on VH1 last night. The husband actually mentioned that he should lose weight. He said that we should have a contest with real prizes for weight loss. I asked what kind of prizes he had in mind. Stupid thing to ask a man whose wife went away for a week and then came back crazy.

Starting in August I’m going to combine the Eat Local Challenge with a new weight loss plan. I gained 5 pounds in Minneapolis even though I walked all over that city. They have lots of billboards there that say, “Groove your body for 10 minutes three time a day.” Well I was doing that and more and still gained weight. I’ve also been hiking at least 5 miles a day in 90+ degree heat. You’d think I’d lose it just in sweat. Damn my good hydration status.