I’m not a big fan of signing up for reading challenges that make me plan out what I’m going to read for the year.  I’m a mood reader and not a planner.  I do like reading challenges as a place to link up reviews and to find other books that I might be interested in.


Of course, I’m doing Foodies Read!  I’m running it this year.  I’m surprised by how many books about food I read during the course of a year.


This started on December 1 and I’ve already read several of the books on my shelf and iPad.

Fantasy is the genre that I read the most of each year. I’ll link up reviews here.

I already make a book map for each year so this challenge ties into that. I’m also using the Ulimate Book Blogger plug in’s reading challenge add on to track books by location on my sidebar in 2016.

2016 Audiobook Challenge

I listen to lots of audiobooks so I’ll record them here.

I always complain about people not reading enough backlist (defined as published >365 days from when you start reading it for this challenge) so this one is good for me.

I’m cheap so I get most of my reading material from the library. Sign up here.