I was kidnapped last night and taken here. It was a very nice state park resort.

Here was the actual plan I was told. Remember I was told this by a male person. He wanted to go to this park because there was a big fireplace with rocking chairs in the lodge and it was a good place to sit and read. (There were actually all kinds of other things to do outside but it was raining so we did inside things.) I actually managed to find a guy who not only likes to read but who likes to go special places to read! He doesn’t quite understand why I think this is a good thing. I keep telling him that I’ve never dated anyone who would choose to read a book unless they were locked in a room with only a book for entertainment. Even then it had better have pictures. He thinks I’m making fun of him but this is a very good thing.

There was also swimming and a sauna and a restaurant with views of squirrels fighting over the bird feeders. Very nice mini-vacation.