I was kidnapped last night and taken here. It was a very nice state park resort.

Here was the actual plan I was told. Remember I was told this by a male person. He wanted to go to this park because there was a big fireplace with rocking chairs in the lodge and it was a good place to sit and read. (There were actually all kinds of other things to do outside but it was raining so we did inside things.) I actually managed to find a guy who not only likes to read but who likes to go special places to read! He doesn’t quite understand why I think this is a good thing. I keep telling him that I’ve never dated anyone who would choose to read a book unless they were locked in a room with only a book for entertainment. Even then it had better have pictures. He thinks I’m making fun of him but this is a very good thing.

There was also swimming and a sauna and a restaurant with views of squirrels fighting over the bird feeders. Very nice mini-vacation.

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  1. Dang girl!!!!! You’ve found a definite keeper!!!! I know what ya mean about never having found a guy who…. All the guys I seem to attract seem to view reading books as something ONLY to be done for work or school purposes. Of course, now that he’s married to me my hubby reads more. I also tend to buy him books that I think will interest him (books by favorite comedians, about favorite sports personalities or the sports themselves). He’s probably read MORE in the past 5 years of our marriage than he’d read at ALL between 6th grade and when he met me at 22 years old. Mind you, it also took me about 5 years of marriage BEFORE I could get him to read for fun. And he still only does it at bedtime, if he’s not getting nooky. *grin*

    Yeah…. You lucked out with this one. A guy who wants to go to a lodge with a fireplace & rockers to read. We need more like that! Now you’ve gotta spill on what KIND of things he likes to read. SciFi and Fantasty and historical or western books other than Louis Lamour would qualify him for “extra credit” in the great guy class. (Though, if you say Janet Dailey or Danielle Steel, I think it will mean one GIANT step BACKwards in regards to his taste in reading. *wink*) Congrats in finding a keeper!

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