At my old house I had a recycling system. It was in a little closet and consisted of separate paper bags for each type of recyclable. The only problem with this is that I would get too busy (read, lazy) to take the bags to the recycling center until they were threatening to explode from the closet. When I moved in here the SO said that I couldn’t do it because in this old house we’d be begging for bugs.

But I was starting to twitch when I threw away something that could be recycled. I called the garbage company and asked what options they provided. It turns out that curbside recycling is mandated here. Funny, I’ve never seen any curbside recycling containers around. They asked if I had the blue container. I said no so they said that they’d send it out.

It came this morning. I’ve never been so excited to get a dirty blue plastic bin. I proudly threw some well rinsed cans into it and contemplated the fact that I am such a geek.