My heart is in turmoil this morning. I’m thrilled that Barack Obama was elected but honestly I never seriously considered the possibilty that he’d lose. The alternative was just too unthinkable.

But I’m heartbroken about the passage of anti-gay marriage propositions in California, Florida, and Arizona. I’m tired of hearing that letting gay people marry is going to be the end of civilization. I’m tired of hearing that marriage is all about making babies. I’m tired of hearing about having to “protect the children.”. It is not about the children. Want proof? Arkansas passed a proposition that bans single cohabitating people from fostering or adopting. Single people are ok as long as they don’t live with anyone. In other words, the people of Arkansas would rather leave children in abusive households because of a lack of foster homes than to let them possibly live with gay people or those type of people who “live in sin.” How is that “for the children”?