79. Go to class reunion

There’s another thing off the 101 Things in 1001 Days list. The reunion was fun. Mostly it was just a lot of sitting around and talking over two days. Vet school is a major bonding experience and we tend to pick up where we left off by sharing what most normal people would consider to be way too much information. A group of vets sitting around discussing kids will lead to factual conversation about the most intimate details of the child’s conception discussed in clinical terms that makes the non-vet spouses want to crawl under the table.

On the way back I decided to go letterboxing. I found two boxes listed for rest stops that I’d be passing. Unfortunately I couldn’t find either one. I think they are missing or I was having a really bad day. I also tried to stop at a few historic sites but both Henry Clay’s House and Fort Ancient were closed. So much for spur of the moment educational experiences.

But I got back in time for the Super Bowl. Here’s a photo I took at school this weekend that may explain who I was rooting for in the game.