It bites

I got bit today. That makes me really mad. I haven’t been bit in about 15 years. I credit a combination of skill at reading animals’ intentions, lightning-fast reflexes, and lots of luck for that. This was an American Bull Dog today. He fooled me because he wasn’t aggressive. He was just very ill mannered and out of control. I think more ran his teeth into my hand instead of biting. He didn’t break the skin but it felt like getting hit with a club. The back of my hand is all swollen and turning black and blue. It is going to be hard to work my hand tomorrow.

The owner’s reactions? The female owner didn’t want to muzzle him because it would stress him too much. The male owner tried to muzzle him by dangling the muzzle in front of him. I guess the dog was supposed to reach out and put the muzzle on himself. The dog bit the owner several times but he didn’t seem to think this was bad. There were no attempts at discipline.

I sent them away. I wasn’t going to get anyone else hurt trying to work on the dog. And these people wonder why no vet can fix their dog’s skin problem. Maybe it is because no one can get close enough to examine him, ever think of that?

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  • Roberta

    I have had experience with tough dogs, Australian cattle dogs. Any dog that is aggressive requires a strong hand and an owner who is willing to own up to the dogs traits. I agree with you that dog should have been muzzeled and the owners should have had no problem with it- it is safer for the dog.
    Sounds like that dog would beneifit from some basic training and behavior training.
    I can relate to you pain in you hand. I too have felt the vice like grip of a dogs jaw. It is not pleasant at all. I wish you a speedy recovery

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