I must have lost my mind. I left my phone at work yesterday so I have to go a whole week without it. I might get a bit twitchy. Then I forgot my new fancy shampoo and my makeup. Since this is a Meet The Family trip I would like to be a bit gussied up.

Z did something bad yesterday in school. I don’t know any details but her teacher recommended that her trip to Disney be cancelled so it must have been epic. She’s on probation. The trip was good but dinner was a challenge. If you were reading this last year, you might remember the French Fry trip where she refused to eat anything but fries. The SO laid down the law with her today. He made her order cheese pizza (which she likes) instead of chicken in fries since she won’t eat the chicken. She was fine with that until the food came. Then she tried to have a meltdown. She was immediately put in the corner of the restaurant until she could act civilized. She’s been told that if she doesn’t impress us with her amazing behavior, she’s not going to Disney. She doesn’t believe us. Bye-bye Disney!