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Blood Rites by Jim Butcher-  This is book six of the Dresden Files. Harry Dresden, Chicago’s only professional wizard, has gone undercover on the set of an adult film. It isn’t his worst job ever except that someone is causing women to die in absurd ways – like getting hit by a car while waterskiing.

He’s been recruited by Thomas, a sometimes friendly vampire. Harry can’t figure out why until his investigation starts to implicate Thomas’s relatives.

Living With The Dead by Kelley Armstrong -  Robyn’s husband died six months ago when the woman whose tire he was going to offer to change thought he was carjacking her and shot him. Needing a change of scene, Robyn moved to L.A. to take a PR job for a celebutante. Now her boss has been shot in the back of a club and Robyn is the prime suspect.

Her friends Hope and Karl are willing to help her but as they pursue the real killer she starts to notice that they have some superhuman skills.

Sapphique by Catherine Fisher  – This is the sequel to Incarceron.  In a post-war world the ruling regime made a self-aware prison and put poor people and criminals in it.  They designed it to be a utopia but once left on its own things went downhill.  In the first book two people escaped with the help of the Warden’s daughter.  In this book they try to release the rest of the prisoners.  These books never fully engaged my attention.  The premise was unique and interesting but they got bogged down.

Frostbitten by Kelley Armstrong – This book focuses back where the series started with the werewolf pack. Elena, the only female werewolf, has been appointed the next Pack Alpha. She needs to decide if she feels up to the job. While hunting a rogue werewolf in Alaska, she decides to check in on a old friend of the Pack. She finds that he has been murdered by several other werewolves. There are also other shape shifters in the wilderness that may be attacking humans.

I liked this book. Setting it in Alaska opened up the story to incorporate Inuit legends of shape shifters.

A Red Herring Without Mustard by Alan Bradley- This is the third Flavia de Luce mystery. Three is about my limit for mystery series because if you happen upon more bodies than that, then you might just be a serial killer instead of a sleuth. Just sayin. The fun in these stories tends to be 11 year old Flavia’s wars with her older sisters more than with the murders. The big mystery of what happened to her mother is still here. It felt like he might get into that but he really didn’t.

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