We took off from North Carolina to Florida. No problems. The SO’s whole family is in FL. That’s the point of the trip, right? He calls his dad who is supposed to be staying with us in the condo. His father says that it is too much work for him to drive down to see us. It is less than an hour from his house and he is retired. This didn’t go over well with the SO who tried to shame him using the fact that he hasn’t seen Z in three years. He may show up sometime this week.

Then we stopped on the way to see his 89 year old grandfather. Creepy moment – we were leaving and the SO mentioned that I was a vegetarian. This grandfather looked at me and said I looked healthy. Then they both stood side by side and looked me up and down like the perverts they are. The SO said that I worked just fine for him and his grandfather agreed!

From there it was an hour to our hotel. Z started complaining that we could have been there already if we hadn’t wasted our time by stopping to see her great-grandfather. The SO went ballistic. No Disney tomorrow. We will go to Sea World and see if she can have good enough behavior to earn back the Disney visit.

Our hotel is a time share that my parents’ have. It is free for us to use. We’ve used them before. So I go to check in and they charge me $800. They’ll give it back when I leave. That wasn’t advertised. I protested. I don’t protest. For me to say anything at all I have to be livid. All I’m thinking is, “I’m going to call my mother!” My mother doesn’t have my delicate sensabilities.

Then I had to go see another receptionist for the time share. She was working with people who wanted to know everything like in what row of which outlet mall was the Ed Hardy store. Then, and I could not make this up, they wanted to know what to do if they lost something at a rest stop but they don’t know what state it happened in. She told them to call Highway patrol. Did she have that number? When I finally got my turn I complained again about the money. I might have strongly implied that I was now too broke to use any of the amentities of the facility. That’s not true but it is the principle.

I go back outside and called my mommy. She went into berserker rage. As of tonight she has them taking the hold off my card which can only be done by calling my bank. She got them to agree to call my bank for me but I have to be there. Tomorrow she’s calling corporate.

To sum up, we are not probably labelled as poor white trash troublemakers at this very nice resort and that’s before the SO’s father may show up.

The SO says that I earned my white trash title through my fingernails. I am super professional girl all the time. For this vacation I have stickers on my fingernails in the design of fishnet stockings. Between that and my tale of woe over the $800 they will probably be following us to make sure we don’t take off with the china!