I’m super picky when it comes to romances. I think most romance readers are. We tend to know what tropes we like and avoid what we don’t.

I’ve been realizing though that I have a set of words that will make me run in the other direction if I read them in the book blurb.


No thank you.  I don’t like the suspension of disbelief that reading about billionaire romance dudes makes me have.  At the same time I fully acknowledge that I read historical romances with nobility.  That is the historical equivalent of billionaires.  I do not like this cognitive dissonance.  



What’s wrong with handsome?  It’s a romance.  You’d expect handsome to play a part.  I think I don’t like an emphasis on physical attractiveness right up front.  I want people to like each other for their personalities.  I like the slow development of feelings.  If you have the hero described as handsome right in the book blurb, it raises my hackles.



This is along the same lines as handsome.  I don’t like books that emphasize physical relationships over emotional ones.  I’m a big fan of romances that have zero sex.  It doesn’t mean I won’t read ones with physical activities but honestly, I tend to flip through those sections.  They bore me. 


Do you have irrational disqualifications when reading book blurbs?