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Sewing update

I made the purple block last week but for some reason never got around to posting.


I thought I was being smart this week and making the block out of the same fabric that I made the other 8 inch blocks. It wasn’t until it was all done that I realized that I actually made it out of the same fabric as the 9 inch blocks. Whoops.


I got all the scrappy trip around the world blocks together today! I’m surprised that it worked as well as it did since I’ve been making these for a long time. It has been a project that I work on whenever there is nothing more urgent. During the course of it I got a more accurate 1/4″ foot for my machine so the blocks are slightly different sizes. There is some puckering but it is a utility quilt so I don’t really care. I’m going to do some borders I think. The pattern is here.


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  • Kati

    I love all the quilts you share (pieces and whole) but I’ve gotta say, that Around the world scrappy quilt makes me think of old fashioned quilts, done primarily to make the scrap’s of one’s life semi-presentable to cover one’s bed….. Beautiful, but not too carefully planned, and very vibrant. Those are the best kinds of quilts, I think, because they are most true to the original purpose.

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