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I just sent off my last payment on my sidesaddle! It should be here in a few days. When I first found this I was doing a good job of staying objective. I know that so far this has all been too good to be true. It is a good name saddle listed way, way under value because the person wants to get rid of it. There is no way on earth that it is going to fit Prize. Two weeks ago I was objective about that. I could resell it for a profit and get a new saddle to fit her.

That was two weeks ago. Two weeks of having visions of us looking classy. That was before I bought the pattern to make my habit. Now if it doesn’t fit I’ll be heartbroken. I already told the husband that he has to come with me when I try it on her so when I am reduced to a quivering pile of goo he can lead me back to the house and tuck me into bed.


I found yet another time waster for my life. I discovered the morning line-up on the DIY network.

10:00 Scrapbooking
10:30 Scrapbooking
11:00 Jewelry Making
Add every other day Simply Quilts at 9:30

I already have scrapbooking on the brain because on June 4 I’m going on a roadtrip with my mother to a scrapbook trade show. Yesterday I watched the shows and found myself taking notes. That is just pathetic. Even more pathetic is that I made up a page from the notes right after the show ended. It is cool though.

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  • Brandy

    Don’t feel bad, I don’t have cable, so I have my mom tape DIY’s scrapbooking show and watch the tapes over and over!

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