It is 6:30 in the AM.  Not only am I awake but I’ve already exercised.  The world must be coming to an end.

I came up with another plan.  I like plans.  It is the follow through that I have problems with.  Lately I’ve been hitting snooze too many times in the morning because I love my sleep and then I have to drive fast to work.  The SO leaves the house around 5:45.  Yesterday I told him that his new job was to make sure I get up when he leaves.  He seemed doubtful, mostly because he’s had some incoherent conversations with me at that time of the morning.

This morning the first thing I hear is, “Good morning, private!  Get up!  I want to see a$ses and elbows flying!”  Why must they revert to army training at the most inopportune times?  I explained again that I wanted to get up when he left – not when he got up.  He argued with me but relented.  Then he came back into the room after his shower and started trying to bully me up out of bed again.  The cat on my chest and I just looked at him.

“Hey, Powder, do you remember in the olden days, like last week, when he used to come out of the shower and give us hugs and kisses and wake us up gently?  Wasn’t that nice?”  He then tried to convince the cat and the dog that they should get up and exercise too.  The cat ignored him because she’s a cat and it takes a stronger man than him to wake up that dog before noon.

I did get up when he left the bedroom.  I came downstairs and did a 10 minute arms and legs pilates routine with the balance ball.  Then I made myself a smoothie from the new Prevention magazine.

  • 1/2 cup soy milk
  • 6 oz fat-free vanilla yogurt
  • 1 t apple pie spice (I just used cinnamon)
  • 1 apple chopped
  • 2 T cashew butter (I only had peanut butter)

It was pretty good.  For dinner last night I made their recipe for ricotta calzones.

  • 1/4 cup nonfat ricotta cheese
  • diced sundried tomatoes
  • 1 T olive oil
  • 1 t garlic
  • basil

Stuff it all in a pita and broil until the cheese is warm.  I added olives and some mozzerella too.  Then use marinara sauce to dip it in.

Now it is still before the time I usually get up for work and I’ve exercised, eaten, and posted.  Yep, the world is coming to an end.

2 Replies to “Signs of the Apocalypse”

  1. ROFL I hope your SO moderates his energy in the morning, tomorrow morning. It’s one thing to ask them to wake up you when they leave, it’s entirely another to be woken as if you’re at boot camp. Yeah, that qualifies as homicidal provocation.

    Your question the other day (which i tried to answer, but my i-connection died before I could) about family & friends knowing about my blog. I started blogging (the first time) as a diary. Did about 4 posts before I quit for a while. Then when my middle sis started blogging, I read hers for a good long time before I started up again. At first I only told the middle sis and my mom. i used my blog as a ranting spot about my baby sis and Dad too much to want them to know about it. And the blog was a way to share the dailies of my life with Mom & Middle Sis who were the ones who lived out of state at that point anyway. A little more than a year ago my Mom started blogging for the benefit of her daughters (myself included) and her friends. Since then, my baby sis has found my blog (through my comments at Mom’s blog, actually). My dad still doesn’t know that I blog, or that my middle sis and Mom do. (Mom and Dad are informally seperated.) I’d just as soon my dad never finds my blog. I’d rather my BABY sis didn’t know about my blog, as now I don’t feel right ranting about her and her choices in that space. My hubby accidentally spilled the beans to his Sis that I blog (when I posted a pic of her ON my blog this summer), but she’s thankfully rather computer inept and her boyfriend won’t even let her on his computer. So, she has no idea where my blog is. I’ve got a couple of coworker/friends who know I blog, but nobody else really cares enough to bother checking my blog regularly. My hubby knows, and occasionally I’ll let him see a post, but he doesn’t care enough to search it out and read it. My daughter knows, and it annoys her that i post about her so much, but who freaking cares. *wink* As it is, I monitor which posts she reads so that she doesn’t read anything I don’t want her to see.

  2. Hi Heather,
    I really like your description of you SO waking you up. I am sure mine would do the same for me. You really have a way with words…and isn’t it nice to be all ready for the day before you have to? About the squirrel being a bit on the heavy side…I tried to get a picture of my dog (lab/shepherd)…she CHASES the squirrels away. That is her job. Of course, since I don’t want her to actually get the squirrel, I open the door and give the squirrel a “heads-up” that Shewka (dog) is coming out…but as the old song goes…”the squirrel came back, the very next day…the squirrel, came back…”
    Your smoothies looks good….might get out the blender and get into a healthy routine too..


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