The Wynn and Encore are the go to places for vegan meals on the strip because the owner is vegan. Other restaurants may make a business decision to feed the weird vegan folks but these vegan menus are to feed the boss. Each of the restaurants have a full vegan menu. I only complaint is that they aren’t on the websites for the restaurants. Unless you know about it you would never go to these places based on the public menus. You can google vegan menus at Wynn and get a copy of a PDF of the menus but again you have to know to do it.

Sinatra was my favorite dinner last year. I went back with a little trepidation in case I had built it up too high in my brain.

I didn’t. It was still good.

The bread basket comes with both butter and a bean spread that was very good.

I had a pasta that melts in your mouth with a vegan butter sauce.

Dessert was a vegan chocolate mousse in some kind of soft chocolate crust and gelato. Then just in case you hadn’t taken in enough calories these brought these with the check.

All of it was amazing but do you notice what is missing?


I don’t think I had any actual vegetables. That’s my goal for today. Fruits and vegetables.