It is a weird week for me. I didn’t sleep well last Wednesday night at all so I skipped my 6 AM workout to sleep. I went swimming that night but the pool was packed. People were eying my lane with lust in their hearts. It was actually getting uncomfortable so I only did about 600 yards.

Now I’m in Vegas. My CrossFit class at home is actually canceled because of poor weather conditions. I’ve been walking a bunch here. I have my fitbit but it isn’t working right.

On Sunday I checked it at one point and it said 2.4 miles. I walked at least another 2 – 3 miles and when I took it off it said I had gone 22 steps.

On Monday I checked it before going out to dinner and it said 14,445 steps and 6.14 miles. When I checked it later after about another 1-2 miles it said 0.4 miles.

I need to exercise to counteract all the eating I’m doing.