This is a picture of a dog who is so tired that she can’t keep her eyes open. Her head keeps drooping and then she wakes up. Why is she so tired? Because she’s spent the last few days driving me absolutely batty and that can wear a dog out. It is interfering with her naps.

I’m not sure what the problem is but she’s mad about it. She shows this by just starting to bark. Randomly. At nothing. There is nothing that will make her happy except possibly to know that she has caused me irritation. Outside? No. Food? No. Treats? No.

It may be that the computer room is torn up. She does not approve of change. She’s short and can’t see me perched behind my desk and stacks of stuff to use my computer. She figured I’m not in this room and therefore goes to look for me downstairs. When I’m not downstairs she gets mad and demands that I come downstairs and carry her back up. If I don’t have the decency to be downstairs when she goes to look for me, the least I can do is come and carry her back up.

To make her happy I bought her a bag of Greenies. This was a big decision for me since I only wanted one. You can’t get one of the really little Greenies. You have to buy 43. (I’ve been asking myself, “Why 43?” ever since.) She’s 15 years old. She may not live long enough to eat 43 Greenies. But I got them since she loves them. A good thing right? Nope. She flat out refuses to eat them.

I tried to give her away as a doorprize at our last sewing day. I told her right before people got here (in the middle of random barking) that she was going home with the first person who came through the door. So of course she went and took a nap the entire time we sewed. I was made fun of because there was not one peep out of the dog that I claimed was making me crazy. Once it was just us in the house again, the barking started.

So, if you hear I’ve been locked up, blame the dog.