For two months I have been bothering the security office of a local college about my husband’s fingerprints for the homestudy. For 2 weeks I’ve been bothering the state Bureau of Criminal Investigation for the same thing. When I called the college today the cop starting protesting, “I called him yesterday!” before I got my whole introductory sentence out of my mouth.

Yes, the husband, who knows that I have these people on speed dial – who knows that I call on Tuesdays and Fridays – who has in fact told me to handle it because he was going to start yelling at people – that very husband neglected to mention that he got a phone call 24 hours earlier saying that his wayward fingerprint report finally arrived. That husband responded to my gentle inquiry of, “Is there something you might of forgotten to tell me?” with a befuddled, “What?”

I don’t have the report in my hands yet. Scarily, it has been mailed yet again. (Two previous reports have been lost in the mail in the last few months getting from BCI to the college.) But when I get it that is the final piece needed for the homestudy to be finalized.