Here’s the second round robin quilt I did. I made the star in the upper left corner.


You can’t see it very well but each star point is made up of several rows of very small triangles. I used paper-piecing to make it. It is a method you use to make very precise quilt blocks easily. I procrastinated about getting my block done. The night before it was due to be mailed I got around to finishing it. Of course because I waited so long it went terribly wrong.

I went to put all the pieces together and they didn’t fit. Theoretically that can’t happen in paper piecing. I’ve never had it happen since. I was totally confused. Then I panicked because I couldn’t get the block together and I had to mail it in the morning. I vaguely remember muttering (probably incoherantly) to the husband but he had the sense to stay out of the way. I finally forced it together but the block was much smaller than designed. In this swap each block had to finish at a size divisible by 4. This was like 14.5 inches instead of the 16 needed. Hence the borders around the block. Note to new quilters – if it is too small add borders until it is right and claim that you meant for it to be like that!

This quilt is very sparkly because many of the fabrics have glitter on them and I quilted it with varigated sparkly rayon thread.