The husband has been out of town for a few days and the dog is all out of sorts. She has a firm belief that it is unnatural and probably immoral for either of us to be away from home after dark. When we are she lays at the junction of the living room and kitchen and faces the door to the garage. That way she’ll be first to know when we get back where we belong.

The husband travels alot but this trip she’s adamant that he’s about to come home. The first night he was gone I went out to the living room in the middle of the night and she was sleeping facing the garage door. I told her he wasn’t coming home that night and convinced her to come into the bedroom. But instead of sleeping in her normal spot she slept in front of the door facing the direction of the garage.

Last night I convinced her to go to bed more easily so I thought she was resigning herself to his abscence. But tonight she’s in the living room staring at the garage. She only starts this after it gets dark.

I hear she does this when I’m out of town too. It is wonderful to be so loved.