The husband discovered EBay.

(Go ahead, take a moment to let the full horror of that sink in.)

He is the world’s biggest impulse shopper. Drives me nuts. Now he discovered the joys of EBay. Even worse he is using it to buy tacky stuff for the new downstairs. He has always said that he wanted a game room covered in beer signs and neon. I personally can’t think of anything tackier. I thought I was swaying him. Then he discovered EBay.

He’s bought beer mirrors and a neon beer sign. This morning he was so excited because he got his first feedback! He wants to sell things now. I suggested he sell a neon beer sign.

5 Replies to “EBay”

  1. I am a compulsive eBayer – or I used to be until I reached my £2000 limit on PayPal. Now they want direct access to my bank account ‘to continue to keep PayPal safe and secure’. I have a problem with this. They let me have the first £2000 of purchases (each one of which I paid off instantly with a credit card) and NOW I need to be ‘verified’? So while I’m thinking about it I have to pay with cheques which has really cramped my style. Oh well. Did Clyde REALLY need a set of neon pink brushing boots?
    Let husband have fun. This makes it SO much easier to get away with your own impulsive purchases.

  2. Thats hilarious. There should be a 12 step program and a support group for family members for ebay-addicts. Now, don’t tell him about (used books) or it’ll be all over!

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