One interesting thing about all this is that I’ve found out what a great support team I have in my life. Prior to this I would have said that I had many acquaintances around here but no one that I would really call a friend. People have been great though. It has been amazing me over and over.

My sewing group – Offers to kill the husband. One person seems to be stressing over this even more than me. I thanked her for taking on some of the stress for me. Last night one of them proposed a plan to have a mid-winter trip to a beach somewhere. She’s making plans. I know these women because their kids were in my 4-H club. Those kids are in their early 20s now. The kids are all upset and one came up with a wonderful idea to have a chocolate party. We definitely need to get that scheduled! Another is praying that the husband gains so much weight back that he can’t walk. Not quite as helpful to me as chocolate but heartfelt so I appreciate it. Other kids are considering ways to run off a long term renter the family has so I can live in that house next to them. Both horses have offers of places to stay if I need to move them quickly.

Work – The clinic that I’m at the most has staff that have been great. Again multiple offers of murder. When I was all emotional yesterday I thought I was hiding it well but before I left one person hugged me and said that it would all get better. The owner of the clinic has multiple ex-wives and considers himself a divorce expert. I haven’t seen him lately but he sent word that he would be my adviser. He said that he likes the husband and he likes me but I’ve made money for him so “I’m in your corner babe.” Nice to know I’m valued. LOL. Actually that’s probably as sweet as he gets. His wife invited me to a horse thing with her. I’m not sure what day it is so I don’t know if I can go or not.

Family – My sister in law, who adores the husband, has been calling me at least weekly to chat. I also visited them last weekend when I was home and just hung out. None of them are mad. They are mostly concerned that the husband has gone off the deep end. None of them have talked to him so they don’t really believe my explanations that he is rational since the things he is saying are so strange.

But it is amazing me daily how great people can be!