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22 Jun, 2012

Wedding photos – Freckles style

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Wedding 001

My peoples are getting married! Or I’m getting married. I’m not clear on the details…

Wedding 101

Sitting on rocks is fun but the camera lady kept saying, “Freckles look over there” and so I’d look where she was pointing and then she’d act all surprised. Like I can’t understand English or something.

Wedding 108

My daddy took off his glasses to be pretty so he couldn’t see anything. Mommy had to lead him around and she was laughing at him. I don’t understand why we were just walking up and down the beach for no reason at all.

03 Jun, 2012

Z’s wedding story

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So Jenny asked what Z is going to say when she realizes that we got married without her.

I officially banned Z from any future wedding on the day she asked if she could be the bride at my wedding. The kid is a worse attention hog than Freckles. Anyway, she was in Florida on her yearly vacation to Disneyworld so I’m sure that is better in her mind anyway.

Besides, she’s already been to our wedding. A few weeks ago she said out of the blue, “My mom and grandma want to know if you guys got married.” That seemed strange and nosy but then we heard the whole story. Seems Z had gone home after her previous weekend with us and regaled her mother and grandmother with tales of our wedding that she had attended. It was quite a nice party I gather but the details didn’t add up to them even though she insisted that it was true. We got married and she was there.

We called her out on it and eventually she admitted that it wasn’t true but she tried to tell us that she was there too until she couldn’t justify the lie anymore. I think the wedding in her fantasy world was a much bigger production than the real thing so real life would have probably disappointed her greatly.

03 Jun, 2012

Wedding Day

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We were going to get married in Florida in January but then he started a new job and he couldn’t get the time off.  I had already ordered a dress appropriate for a Florida beach wedding.  So we decided to do an Ohio beach wedding but we had to wait a while so I didn’t freeze to death.

We went up to a resort on Lake Erie.  I picked an officiant from a vendor list based on her having the best website.  Her wedding page was in between the reflexology and other energy healing pages.  I knew I had to hire her.  It was just us and Freckles the flowerdog. 

Freckles was bored and laid in the flowerbeds.  We had a handfasting instead of a more traditional wedding.  The only hitch was that the officiant tied our hands together before the SO got the rings out of his pockets.  He had to escape briefly to retrieve the rings. 

Freckles was the star.  She had a lace bandana and a white leash.  Passersby congratulated her on her cuteness. She is also the queen of the photobomb.  We had a photographer and occasionally she wanted a picture without Freckles and Freckles wasn’t having it.  She’d jump on our laps and pose.  We had to tie her to a tree to keep her out of pictures.  Then there was howling.

I don’t have any pictures yet but I’ll post when I get the disc.  Then
we changed clothes and went looking for something to eat.  We didn’t find any decent restaurants around but we did find a soda fountain for floats while we were looking.  We also found this.

Lice clinic

What kind of town needs a permanent lice clinic?  We didn’t get out of the car in that town.  I love the email on that window.

We ended up back in the lodge for dinner.  Obviously the surrounding area is dicey.

20 Jan, 2012

What I Did Instead

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Once upon a time there was a boy who wanted to marry a girl. The girl was perfectly content to continuing living with him forever and ever without being married but the boy wore her down and she finally agreed. She said, “In January I’ll be going to Florida for a conference which ends on a Wednesday. You fly down Wednesday night and then we can get married on Friday.” It was agreed. The girl even ordered a dress appropriate for a Florida beach wedding. And it came to pass that one week after the girl paid for express delivery on the dress, since this was September already, the boy got a new job. New jobs that start in December do not accrue enough vacation time to go eloping in January.

So, today was supposed to be my wedding day. I am in Florida. My intended is not. I think that counts as him standing me up. I will abuse him for this as I see fit. He is also going to have to start the whole begging process all over again to get me to set another date although I do have a dress that needs used.

Instead of getting married I went to Sea World. I used to go to Sea World a lot as a kid when they had one in Ohio but I haven’t been since they realized that Ohio gets cold in the winter and moved to San Antonio.


I love this shot if I do say so myself.



The Clyde and Seamoore show was always my favorite. The sea lions and walrus did fine but the people and otter kept screwing up. Then the people got to laughing because everything was going wrong. It made it even funnier.


Of course there has to be turtles!



The show I was most impressed with was the pet show. They had trained dogs and rats and pigs and birds. Big deal. Anyone can train those. But this show had trained cats. Not lions. Just normal ole pussy cats like the layabouts who live in my house and don’t do any tricks at all. The show cats climbed ladders and walked wires and hung from ropes and went place to place and hit levers without anyone on stage guiding them. In other words they learned a bit of routine and then did it unsupervised without eating the birds or rats. I’m going to tell my lazy beasts about it. They’ll probably hurt themselves laughing.