So Jenny asked what Z is going to say when she realizes that we got married without her.

I officially banned Z from any future wedding on the day she asked if she could be the bride at my wedding. The kid is a worse attention hog than Freckles. Anyway, she was in Florida on her yearly vacation to Disneyworld so I’m sure that is better in her mind anyway.

Besides, she’s already been to our wedding. A few weeks ago she said out of the blue, “My mom and grandma want to know if you guys got married.” That seemed strange and nosy but then we heard the whole story. Seems Z had gone home after her previous weekend with us and regaled her mother and grandmother with tales of our wedding that she had attended. It was quite a nice party I gather but the details didn’t add up to them even though she insisted that it was true. We got married and she was there.

We called her out on it and eventually she admitted that it wasn’t true but she tried to tell us that she was there too until she couldn’t justify the lie anymore. I think the wedding in her fantasy world was a much bigger production than the real thing so real life would have probably disappointed her greatly.