I decided this weekend that I really like tents. They are absolutely amazing to me. I think it is because my first tent experience was a little pup tent that I could just wiggle into as a kid. This tent also washed away mere seconds after I escaped it on the one tent camping trip I was on. So now when I go inside real tents and I am able to stand up and stretch out my arms and not touch the sides I am flat out amazed. I am also made keenly aware that I am very easily amused! Imagine what I’d be like with the Harry Potter tents that are normal sized on the outside and the size of a house on the inside. J.K. Rowling must share my strange fascination with the interior size of tents.

I went and judged a trail ride this weekend which is why I was staying in a tent. Every time I go I think that I should do this with Prize. I try to make myself face the facts.

1. There is camping. Camping with Prize would be nerve racking. She gets bored. When she gets bored she likes to amuse herself. This usually involves going somewhere that is not so boring. I would be awake all night wondering if she was seconds away from heading off to parts unknown.

2. It starts early in the morning. We sent the riders out on trail at 6:30 AM. I am not much of a morning person but Prize is seriously not a morning person. Getting ready for an 8:00 AM halter class about kills her. Actually hauling my butt through the woods at 6:30 AM? I have my doubts that she would let it happen. I think that shows good sense, by the way.

I was camping next to a very experienced horse. At 6:00 AM on Day 2 of the ride he was laying down with his back to his person who was gently shaking him and telling him that he really had to get up now. That would be Prize.