Please tell me if this is weird.

If you talk to my husband for any length of time, say over 10 minutes, he will bring up either aliens or his plan for world domination. Talk over 15 minutes and you will get both.

I say that this is unusual. Bloody bizarre if you get right down to it. He finds it strange that I bring this up. He can’t figure out why I never think about this stuff myself.

2 Replies to “The Aliens are out again”

  1. I like the alien talk but I’m not sure it’s healthy to be so obsessed with world domination! Is he suggesting that aliens intend on dominating our world? like, are these two topics connected somehow? That’s kinda freaky.

  2. Hmmmm, world domination seems alien indeed; could there be rednecks lurking within the NASCAR fans, or are they just gregarious?

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