When I brought up the idea of homeschooling our potential child to the husband this summer he acted like it would be the end of western civilization. That was odd coming from a guy who will proudly tell you that he skipped 1/3 of high school because he didn’t find it relevant. But usually when I hit him with a new idea he instinctively says no and then realizes I’m right later.

So note the conversation while driving in the car yesterday. He mentions that someday we should rent an RV and drive cross country. I say it sounds like a fast track to a divorce. He points out that we can sit far, far away from each other in an RV. I say that it will cost a fortune to run a gas guzzler like that. He grunts at my meaningless (to him) environmental concerns. I decide to bring up the homeschooling idea.

Me: See, if we were homeschooling it would be cool to take the kid on a trip like that.
Him: Oh yeah. I’m totally with you on the homeschooling thing. (Sees me giving him a look.) I mean, I asked other people about it and now I’m cool with it.

Now I knew that this is his modus operandi but still it gives me a few moments of annoyance. There are times when it would be really nice to be able to poke him with a stick a few times to make me feel better.

Him: (his business partner) said that he agrees that schools are too liberal now so it is good to homeschool.
Me: I actually wanted to homeschool in part because I think that the conservatives emphasis on standardized testing is bad for kids.
Him: Only you would think schools are too conservative.

He then averted an argument on that topic by changing the subject to how he is going to change the schools when he is president. Please don’t vote for him! I’d be an awful first lady.