This may be my last post for a while unless you can blog from jail. I’m planning on murdering my husband.

He came home today around 3:30. I said hi to him and said that I was going grocery shopping. I got some requests from him and then said bye. When I got back he was gone. That’s strange. Maybe he went out to buy some more supplies for the contractors. But he doesn’t come back. Then I remember overhearing a conversation with the evil mother-in-law that he has a meeting in Cinncinatti tomorrow. I start to wonder if perhaps he left tonight. I decide to go confirm my suspicions with the contractors. Yep, the man left town without ever mentioning it to me. They say he’ll be back tomorrow.

In a slightly unrelated note I just put a bid on a sidesaddle on eBay. If I win I will inform the husband that it is my Valentine’s Day present.