Anyone who reads this blog knows I love my horses. I would tear apart anyone who tried to hurt them. But let me say that there is something truly satifyingly wonderful about watching your horse jump away from a newly electrified fence.

Most of the time Prize doesn’t bother the fence. But when she gets it into her mind to go walkabout there better be a gigantic charge on the fence to make her reconsider. When we first put up the back fence we had a solar charger but it just didn’t put out enough juice to hold her. So we were resorting to running electric cords to power the fence. The new fence is even farther from an outlet so we reconsidered solar. Environmental wacko that I am I love the idea of solar on principal but it has to be way powerful. A solar charger that puts out the equivalant charge of our plug in fencer was multiple times more expensive. But we bit the bullet and bought it. We hooked it up yesterday. It was daytime and it is hard to see the lights on our tester during the day. We had resigned ourself to coming out at night to see how many volts were running through the fence when Prize decided to lean on the fence.

She jumped back quick and I let out a whoop of glee that can only come from a person who has chased this horse around the neighbor’s fields repeatedly. The husband missed it but Prize decided to try again and again jumped back. He let out a mad scientist laugh. He’s had to help fix fences she’s knocked down on the way to the neighbors. Poor horse. She glared at both of us and went to graze in the middle of the pasture.