It is a misty grey day here today. I had a sink full of dishes because I was gone for the weekend and the husband doesn’t like to do dishes. He is wonderful about cleaning other things so I can’t complain too much but dishes in the sink and clean clothes piled on the dryer are my pet peeves.

I was about to turn on the light in the kitchen so I could see to put the dishes in the dishwasher when it occured to me to light a candle instead. I lit a white candle and said a quick prayer to ask for a blessing on the house. It turned my attitude right around. It felt very peaceful to be doing dishes. It actually felt strange to be that peaceful and almost grateful to be doing dishes. (When I finished I had to blow out the candle so the crazy kitten wouldn’t burn the house down.!)

2 Replies to “A witchy moment”

  1. I think of this as doing something ‘mindfully.’ As in: I’m connected with the task, my mind and spirit are in it.
    Jeanne 🙂

  2. My first teacher (in witchy stuff) taught me that we should always say blessings as we do house work..Insted of being upset that the dishes are piled in the sink, rejoyce that we have them in the first happy we have a home to put the dishes away in and it will change our out look..I suppose she is right, but I still hate cleaning a kitchen (giggle)

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