Ok, so not so good of a week. I knew that horse show would get me.

190 Up 1 lb from last week but still down 2.

Time to refocus and especially to up the exercise. I’ve been slacking. I’m going on vacation next week which could be bad because of eating out but could be good because there will be a lot of walking.

On a better note I went clothes shopping yesterday. I needed short sleeved shirts for vacation and those are hard to find since every store is geared up for winter here. But when I did hit a gold mine of a clearance rack, I actually enjoyed trying them on. I’m not sure if the cuts are particularly flattering or if the dressing room had some type of magic lighting or what but there was none of my normal dressing room angst. I actually enjoyed looking at myself in the mirror. I actually had the thought that I might look ok in pictures taken on this trip. I’m not sure why that is since I’m not really losing weight but maybe I’m starting to see some core changes from the yoga.