When I brought Freckles back from the clinic yesterday I decided to slowly reintroduce food so as not to upset her system.  She had some leftover dry food in her bowl because she hadn’t been interested in eating.  She still wasn’t interested in it.  Then I picked up the bowl and put it on the counter.

Freckles:  MY FOOD!!!!!

I explained very logically about starting food gradually and that I’d make her some scrambled eggs later, wouldn’t that be nice?

Freckles, standing on her hind legs to look wistfully at the bowl on the counter: I WANT MY FOOD!!!!

Me:  Look, you weren’t even interested until I picked it up.

Freckles: Lady, today you dumped me off with strangers, who you seemed to know but I ‘m not getting into that conspiracy right now.  They stole the blood from my veins and then added fluid back into my veins.  What kind of madness is that?  Then, then, they PUT ME IN A CAGE and you know I hate that!  And now you took away MY FOOD!!!

This was clearly a time for firm parenting.  I kept the food on the counter.  She’d go in every so often and stare longingly.  A few hours later some scrambled eggs helped her to forget so by the time I started offering her a few pieces of dog food she didn’t even want them.  But it wasn’t until this morning when I put the food bowl back on the floor that I was forgiven.